IKAI International Competition

14th July 2017
It’s with
21 gold medals 🥇 
22 silver medals 🥈
49 bronze medals 🥉
That we get the first place in the national IKAI competition held in Tabriz. 
Congratulations to all the players of our department of east Azerbaijan.

My son Seyed Arta Nekoofar got the first place. Proud to be on this picture with my Father Mir Mohamad Ali Nekoofar and my brother Seyed Jamaleddin Nekoofar, president of IKAI.
My son Seyed Alaedin Nekoofar, performing UNSU

Coaching Seminar In Tabriz

5th July 2017
It was a pleasure and an honor to be invited by Mr Masoumi, the President of The Karate Department of East Azerbaijan Province, to intervene at the coaching seminar held in Tabriz. I was happy to see a lot of friends that I didn’t see since a while.

Honored to have so much people by my side