On the Road to…

… Uzbekistan !

For the 16th AKF Senior Championship 2019 in Tashkent with Kuwait National Team.

Kumite and Kata players will try today their best between hundred of participants…

I hope that this year will be full of medals….

Good luck to everybody 🙏🏻

Malaysia International Karate Championships

7th July 2019

Congratulations to my little hero Anil Shariatpanahi who got a good medal in Malaysia international championships.

I am very proud of you and all your efforts and dedication during training.

Anil is only 7 years old and is very dedicated to training. She will have a great futur in international karate, I’m sure.

Oss my hero

UMAG – U12 Gold Medal

5th July 2019

Congratulations to Sensei Fernando Reguera for Elisey’s gold medal in Kata under 12 in umag.

It’s a big victory for Olympic Marbella and Spain National Karate since Elisey has been selected in the national team few weeks before this competition. I am very proud of you.

A special congratulation to Julieta for her silver medal also in Cadet category.

Unsu and Kankusho training

4th june 2019
AL YARMOUK CLUB – KUWAIT NATIONAL TEAM Kata Kankusho and unsu training to be ready for karate1 shanghai under the coaching of Seyed Alaedin NEKOOFAR.

Let me wish everybody an happy Eid with this video ! 
No rest for us during this few past weeks. Training and training again for our next goal : Shanghai karate1 
Hope you’ll enjoy the video 🙏🏻

End of season 2018/2019

It is with a great pleasure that we finish first of all categories of ages, kata and kumite.
An honor to receive the cup of the total league of Kuwait for the first place from His Highness Sheikh Talal AlKhalid AlAhmad Al-Sabah. 
A good way to finish this sport year 2018/2019 at the highest step of the podium in all categories (kata kumite and 4 leagues).

His Highness Sheikh Talal AlKhalid AlAhmad Al-Sabah. 


March 2019
-11 🥇 individual kata
-13 🥈 individual kata
-11/-13 🥇team Kata 
What a nice day today. Congratulations my little heroes !

🥇 kata individual cadet 🥈 kata team 
Congratulations my heroes 

Kuwait 4th league seniors 
Kata team 🥇 
Kata Individual 🥇


17th february 2019

Kata Team karate1 Dubai 🥈 
Unfortunately we lost the final against Turkey and I’m still wondering why?! Winning a gold is not easy but once you get it, the most difficult is to keep it. We will work more and more oss heroes. Congratulations