Kuwait League

22nd September 2018
Cadet and junior kata 1st league today
• 🥇 cadet
• 🥉 junior
• 🥉 team
We have to work more on our mistakes. I hope that the next result will be 3 🥇. Congratulations heroes. Thank you Sager for your precious help.

Asian Games 2018

Ahmad Mosfer – Silver medal in Asian Games 2018 in kumite -84kg. Congratulations hero, it was very close to the gold medal, I know that you did your best. You are excellent hero, congratulations ! OSS
حقق الاعب أحمد المسفر الميدالية الفضية في بطولة آسياد آسيا في جاكرتا في وزن تحت ٨٤كغ. الف مبروك لبطلنا أحمد على الرغم من أن كان قريب من جداً من الميدالية الذهبية. أنا على يقين بأنك قدمت أفضل ما عندك. أنت لاعب موهوب و بطل. الف مبروك

After exactly 20 years, thanks to Ahmad Mosfer, I am again with a silver medal 🥈 from the Asian Games around my neck.

Asia Pacific Championships

Asia Pacific Championship (New Zealand-Auckland 1991) Third Place Kata Individual
The last tournament was to host the two continents : Asia-Pacific Championship. It was the first medal of Iran in individual out of Iran. 
The first medal of karate history in the senior Kata category is impossible to repeat it for four reasons: 
1. The Pacific and Asian championships doesn’t exist anymore, they split it in two different championships;
2. Now there are two bronze medals on the podium; 
3. The first and second place was Japan which means that Iran get the second rank during this competition; 
4. It was the first time for Iran… and forever the first time 😉 • 🇮🇷 مسابقات آسيا واقيانوسيه (نيوزلند-اوكلند١٩٩١)مقام سوم كاتا انفرادى 
آخرين مسابقات بود كه دوقاره آسيا واقيانوسيه به صورت مشترك برگزار مى كردند . بعداز اين دوره اين دوقاره مسابقات خودرا به صورت مجزا برگزار نمودند.
اولين مدال تاريخ كاراته ايران دربخش كاتا انفرادى رده بزرگسالان كه ديگر تكرار آن به چهار علت غير ممكن مى باشد ١- مدال دوقاره مى باشد ٢- مدال برنز مشترك نيست ٣-مقام اول ودوم از كشور ژاپن بود با احتساب يك كشور مقام دوم محسوب مى شود ٤-براى اولين بار كسب گرديده است .

Seminar in Tabriz

July 2018
Seminar in Tabriz – July 2018. 
I always try to give my best to share my knowledges. I hope that everybody went out of this place learning something from me. OSS.
• • • 
سمینار (تبریز)۱۳۹۷/۵/۴
با تشکراز هیئت کاراته استان آذربایجان شرقی 
امیدوارم برای اساتید وهنرجویان عزیز مثمر ثمر بوده باشد . اوس

Teaching is my second career in karate and it’s a big part of my life. I like to transmit what my brother Seyed Jamaleddin NEKOOFAR gave me to the most players possible. This is my way of karate.

Family Training

18th July 2018
Family training today with my brother my master Seyed Jamaleddin NEKOOFAR and my son Seyed Arta NEKOOFAR. When I am training with my brother I feel like I am a white belt, like I have to learn everything, that every details are something so important and could make me improve and improve my karate. I am so happy when I can learn from him, he is for me the best of the world and I would be never enough thankful for what he brought me. OSS Ostad.